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What can you use UXRisk for?

Risk management software

Our risk assessment workflows are built around the complete assessment process, from planning, identifying risk, assessing risk, establishing a plan for mitigation including assigning responsibilities and action tracking. When you work with risk management in UXRisk, we have worklows that are compliant with most recognised standards such as ISO 31000, COSO, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, OSHA, PMI Project Risk Management and others. Supporting a wide range of qualitative risk assessment methods such as HAZID, HAZOP, bow-tie, and others.

Quality management software

Our quality management workflows are built to cover all the ISO 9001 basic requirements for quality management. You can report, follow-up, and root cause analysis of non-conformance, Register and follow-up improvements, plan and follow-up management reviews, ensure prudent change management and ensure your annual quality plan is followed-up. All the workflows also come with the possibility to assign and track actions. When you use UXRisk for quality management you are compliant with quality management standards such as Annex SL, ISO 9000, ISO 9001, and ISO 26000. 

Chemical management software

Our chemical management workflows are built to comply with regulatory requirements for chemichal management in most countries. We have built in risk calculations which enables us to give precise guidelines on how to handle and work safely with chemicals. They include requisition, assessment (healt, safety, environmental and technical) and approval, and a separate workflow for health risk assessments. The workflows sync with your chemical database and automatically calculate the risk involved and recommended precautionary measures. The workflows also come with the possibility to assign and track actions.

Performance management software

Performance Management in UXRisk includes workflows for Scorecards, annual plans and action tracking. Management dashboards contain all the information necessary to follow-up and assess progress. Our Performance Management workflows are compliant with most approaches to strategic planning, such as OKR, and Balanced Scorecard, You can also use UXRisk for PEST(EL) assessments, SWOT analysis, Trend analysis and other related topics.

Audit management software

Our audit workflow lets you plan, carry out and follow up audits, supervision and verifications directly in our app. The workflow also lets you assign responsibilities for and track actions. When you work with process, product or management system audits, verifications, and inspections in UXRisk. You are in compliance with most recognised standards. Such as the Institute of Internal Auditors, ISO 19011, ISO 27000, ISO 9001 and others.

HSE management software

Our HSE management workflows are built to be compliant with regulatory requirements and with most relevant standards such as OSHA, ISO 14001 Environmental Management, and ISO 45001 Health and Working Environment. We cover incident reporting,, nonconformities and improvements, cause assessment, investigation, emergency preparedness analysis, HSE planning, Ergonomical risk assessments, environmental risk assessments, WERA work environment risk assessments, and minutes of meetings. All the workflows also come with the possibility to assign and track actions.

Security management software

Our security risk management module include workflows for threat assessments, value assessments and a scenario assessment workflow that lets you use the identified values and threats. The workflows also come with the possibility to assign and track actions. When you use UXRisk for Security Management you are compliant with most recognised internation standards within security management, such as ISO 27001, and ISO 27005.

Compliance management software

Compliance Management in UXRisk takes a generic approach which lets you identify regulations and requirements which you are required to be compliant with, assess compliance, identify gaps and set actions for closing gaps. The reports will give you an overview of the status of compliance in your organization and allow you to keep track of all actions related to this area. Our compliance workflows are also connected with our risk assessments workflows, which easily enables compliance risk assessments as a part of the organisations enterprise risk management.

Our platform and technology

Modern Cloud Native solution

Low total cost of ownership

Simple set-up and configuration

Flexible and adjustable to your needs

Low cost of acquisition

Open API for integration

Self-service administration 

Cloud based software 

UXRisk is Cloud Native, designed to take advantage of modern structures such as multitenancy and open APIs. This solution benefits from rapid technology development related to new cloud services, efficient delivery models and modern visualization solutions (Tableau, Power BI, etc.).

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With you can work with all our applications. Here you get easy and clear access to your own, and the company's information. With or our Android app, you can easily register new cases, or follow up on the cases you are responsible for. Here you can also follow up measures and actions you are responsible for.


Dashboard and reporting 

UXRisk comes with a ready made integration to Microsoft's Power BI, which allows you as a user to set up your own dashboards and customize them as desired. When you buy UXRisk, you get a standard set of Power BI reports tailored to you, included in the first year of the license.

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Custom reports for MS Office 

UXRisk comes with an included Microsoft Office report generator, this will allow you to specify custom templates in Microsoft PowerPoint, Word or Excel. The templates will then be uploaded to UXRisk and allow you to export professional reports in less than a minute!

MS Office reports

UXRisk is a flexible tool designed for efficient digitization of work processes, with more than 15 standardized templates to cover all aspects of risk management, HSE and quality management. The tool enhances quality by using modern technology and processes to provide a more efficient, complete and engaging management solution with dynamic and flexible reporting opportunities.

Efficient and engaging

Customer Satisfaction

Go Ahead Norge AS uses UXRisk for all our needs within HSSEQ, risk management, security, incidents, quality management and material deviations. The UXRisk platform allows us to build the workflows we want and makes them available on a pc, a pad or a phone. In addition, the open API enables easy integrations with our other systems and outside vendors. The integrated Power BI connector also allows us to build custom dashboards and data analysis which provides us with valuable insight.

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Arild Halvorsen
Discipline responsible Safety at Go Ahead Norge AS

Choose the plan that's right for you and your team

Backed by a team of experienced professionals, our strategic services meet the needs of all types and sizes of clients - from small startups to large firms - and deliver lasting changes with measurable growth. Please get in touch with us today to learn how UXRisk can help your future success.



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Get most functionality by helping your selves using the built in Self-service functionality. You are able to sign-up and adjust the processes and workflow to your need.

With the business package you can get access to all of our processes & workflows, or the ones you need. In addition you can sign up with your organization's AAD to get a full single sign on experience.

Service and support available by e-mail, chat and phone.

Contains everything from the business package, and in addition we'll customize the workflows for your organization. You'll also get customized Power BI reports for every process and workflow, and we will help you set up the Office templates you want for exporting content. Free access to open restful API for integration.

Get in touch and see what we can do for your organization.

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